Monday, 30 January 2012

Twirl Through Life

Good Morning everyone,
Today's a very good day for me, hope everyone is having a wonderful day.
The word of the week is "Twirl" , I have come up with some good ideas.

I have posted my rough sketches to see what kind of ideas I was thinking of doing for the wonderful word of the week "twirl".
My image of inspiration came from a Illustration by Walter Wyles, the way he expresses himself in his painting and design is beautiful, how he blends colors together and makes the images look almost real. He knows how to capture the beauty of woman. One day I hope to be able to paint just like Walter.

My main focus was the dress, I wanted the dress to look not just a dress but a different one, I played around with my brushes and created almost like vines, took me a few tries of style of brushes and colors to get it just right. 

Next step I found a image of a woman and her dress and for some reason her dress caught my eye the way it was twirled in the picture. I couldn't just leave it the way it was, what I did was cut the background stuff out and put some effects on her dress to make it look more illustrated , then I cut the holes out in her dress to look different :)
Next Step was to add the text I really wanted the word twirl to stand out, since that's the main object of this illustration, I came up with a description to go along with it. As shown below.
Final Step, I wanted to create A globe around it too make it seem like a snow globe. This weeks Challenge I am very pleased with the way it turned out, That I decided to put it on a woman's tank top.
 Thanks for reading my blog, have a wonderful dayy !!
Check Back soon to see next's week word " Forward".

All most there

Hello everyone,
I have painted a rough picture of My International Women's Day, thought I would try and see what colors would go best for my final design hope you all enjoy my blog.
  I have also started my Final poster with the outline , I am very happy with the way it turned out , took a long time to do but it was well worth it. Excited to start painting, can't wait to see what its gonna turn out to look like.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!
Check back soon to see the final painting :) 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Final Design for "Prepare"

Good Morning,
I have finally finished my design for prepare, I have thought long and hard and the best way I wanted to create this creation of mine was to make you all dinner. Yes that's right a good cooked meal!!

Steps that I took to get there, went to the market and bought two boneless chickens

- Cleaned them off, rubbed chicken spice all over
-Fried both sides for 7-9 minutes till golden
-Baked in oven for 35-40mins 

-Boiled water
-Added the noodles , cook them until tender or just right
-Strained the pasta, add cheese pack, pour a little bit of milk,
a spoon of butter (half)
-Stir and serve

Enjoy :) 

My Final Design I am very happy with the way it turned out , I wanted to make it funny and interesting when someone sees it.  The greatest two things was being able to cook, and design a picture about it.

Next Weeks word is.........(twirl) your in for a surprise I have a few things up my sleeve.
Check Back Soon !! 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Week 2 , word of the week "Prepare"

Good Afternoon Bloggers,

Were on to our next weeks Challenge, the word of the week is "prepare".

For this Design I thought I would incorporate what I love to do most besides being a Graphic Designer, and that is to cook. When I prepare a meal , its like being a designer, you have to know what your doing, have to be good at what you do, and your using your hands for both things, just like when you color your eyes see all the wonderful colors in your design, with cooking all the smells and aromas in the air, is just as wonderful.

The image below that I have chosen for my inspiration is from Al Parker, the image has inspired me with some good ideas for my design. The Table was my main focus to get my food on my table. 
 Thanks for reading, Have a wonderful afternoon !

Check back soon to see results. :)


Monday, 16 January 2012

Final Design Challenge 1

Good Evening Everyone,

I have created some different thumbnails for my final concept.
I had a lot to think about with this challenge and how I wanted to create my final.

When I heard the word "grounded" some ideas that came to mind was, the ground, a circuit box, or family.
I Have decided to go with Family because , they will always be my inspiration, there always there when I need them. My parents and family have help me in so many ways to get where I am today.

My rough sketches, I decided to go with the first one withthe family.

For my second one I decided to go with more lighter colors and the affects in the background I wanted to see if it went well with the whole image but it was more of a distraction and didn't really make sense. Also the word "families keep you", was really hard to read and I wanted to make that stand out.

My final design I decided to go with a more darker orange and make it more open then all over the place. I think I'm very satisfied with my design, it can be used on a post card, a greeting card, pretty much anything you would like to see this design on.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog !!
Check back soon for more designs :) 

International Womens Day

Good Afternoon Everyone,
Today I'm here to talk about International Women's Day (March 8th).
I will be designing a poster that represents my favorite "Woman".
The Famous person I choose was Marilyn Monroe, she has always been a role model to me. She was and always will be a beautiful woman that everyone will remember.
She was a terrific woman, everyone knew her as a actress, singer, and a model.
She was a legend to everyone unfortunately she passed away on August 5 1962, it was hard for everyone to believe.
This June would have been Marilyn Monroe's 85th Birthday a concept that's hard to imagine for a woman who captivated a generation of fans.

I have posted a rough sketch of some what how I want to design my layout.
The first image is from Al Parker, My image of inspiration because when i first seen this I thought it was Marilyn , but her beauty in this image is how I plan to design my poster with Monroe.




For my rough color sketches, I was trying to figure out colors that I would like to add to my design , for my first one( photo1) I chose to go with more of a dark color background and red and pinks, to me it reminds me of, looking at old photographs in black and white, very inspiring to me.

For the second one (photo2) I decided to go with just green and pink , the reason I choose green was because I wanted a background that stood out and thought it would catch my viewers eyes.

My Third picture (photo3) I decided to go with again some more darker colors, the blue I choose because I had imagined she was up in the clouds, and would make Marilyn stand out from the background.    

  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!!
Have a wonderful day check back soon to see results.  

Friday, 13 January 2012

Inspiration Image
The Reason why I choose this image for my inspiration is for one reason and that is "Family", their always there for you, they support you, help you go through good and bad times. The word "grounded" came to mind when I seen this image.

"Families Keep You Grounded "

Check Back soon to see the results !!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Grounded #1

Hello Everyone,

14 Week Challenge is Here !!!

Every week I will be posting an image that inspires me, along with steps that I used to get to my final design, so here it is,  the word that has to be incorporated with my design is "Grounded".

Check back in soon to see results :)