Tuesday, 13 March 2012

"Emotional Labour "

Hi there, 

Today I'm here to talk about "Emotional Labour" , The definition is a form of emotional regulation wherein workers are expected to display certain emotions as part of their job. 

Some examples that require are, 
-Waiting staff-  ex.Smiling & expressing positive emotion to clients or customers.
-Flight attendant

An example from the podcast I listened to the other day called " Spark 97". Seth Godin defines" Emotional Labour" as difficult work that, other people don't feel like doing. " Its Labor, thats what we get paid for.The harder you work, and get your work out their to show others, the more it will pay off. Some of us don't get paid to blog or create a design, we are trying to show our talent, and make ourself known.

As a Graphic Designer, we show Emotional Labour in our art work, each day I check out a few of my favourite sites, and blogs that inspire me or help me out each and everyday. To me I find my inspiration from looking at photos and reading peoples blogs. 

1) We heart it, Is a way for people to express how there feeling, love, or pretty much anything random.

2)Google plus, is a way to post a blog and show the kind of work others do and things that people like or have made.   

3)Piccsy is a place to show the work you have done or simply like an image, its my spot for inspiration, and great ideas to show the world. 

Below are a few links for you to check out: 



Below is a link to the "podcast" & Seth Godin's blog http://www.cbc.ca/spark/2010/01/spark-97-january-3-5-2010/http://www.sethgodin.com/sg/

Hope you all enjoyed your stay and hope you all learned something new today!!
Have a wonderful Week :) 

Monday, 12 March 2012

PhotoShop Techniques

Hi there everyone,

Just thought I would stop by and leave a blog post about my new creation of my book cover :)
Im very happy and had a few feed backs to make some changes so here it is !!!

First Page of my book :)

My second page of my book, I love creating and designing new things especially ones that take time to put every little thing together.

Check Back soon will be posting the "word of the week which is " Intention & Yield " !!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Word of the week "capable"

Hello Everyone , 

Today is a beautiful day , hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :) 
This weeks word is "capable", I decided to change my theme this time to a post card.
I'm pretty sure everyone loves receiving and send post card to someone, I know I love postcards, especially when the front of them have awesome scenery and designs on them.

My inspiration came from Leif Pengs (flicker account), the red and dark blue in the image stood out the most to me and the way the composition is laid out. For my design I thought I would incorporate these same colours and put my own twist to it.  

My first image was taken last week, and I thought This would be perfect to use for my design. 

The second image I added a few effects to make it look dark and gloomy, I also wanted the blue to stand out more.

For the third image I added a little bit more red to the background, and added my text " I want to be all that I am capable of becoming".  

For my final design I wanted it to look like a postcard, would you like me to mail one to you :) 
Hope you enjoyed my blogs thanks for reading !!! 
Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Word Of the Week is " Fluid"

Hello everyone , hope your all enjoying a wonderful week :)

The word of the week is " Fluid" , the first thing that came to mind was an image of fluid being poured into a glass. We all have different kinds of fluids that enter our body, and all have fluid in our system all already. Its a fact that we should be at least drinking eight glasses of water a day, I should start drinking !!

Below is a link to a quiz of how much water you need ? CHECK IT OUT!!

My image of inspiration came from Leif Peng( flicker account). http://www.flickr.com/photos/leifpeng/sets/  A lot of images to use for inspiration.
As soon as I seen this image , I knew exactly what I wanted to create for my design. I started to sketch some ideas down, sorry my rough sketch its kind of hard to see, photo quality not the greatest.

My final design, I'm really happy with the lay it turned out. I like the way the bubbles look kind of real and how my colours blend together just right. My favourite drink is orange juice with extra pulp :) this week I had a full jug to myself and boy was it delicious , Whats your favourite drink?
Have a good weekend < CHECK BACK SOON :) CIAO

For My next blog " the word is " Capable".