Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Word Of The Week " Popularity"

Good evening bloggers, Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, The topic today is, the
Word of the week "popularity". What first came to mind was when I was in elementary school and my parents always said that it wasn't everything. They were right, I had fun, meet new people and didn't worry what others thought of me, thats life.  I found this image in Leif's inspirations for cute kids. When I was searching for my inspiration, I had come across this image of school girls and I started to sketch some ideas shown below.

My rough sketches 

Created the stars and added and effect to it to make them dark,
and look outlined.
Added a shadow of the stars. 

Created the circles and formed them in a circle. 

Added the stars :) 

Worked with the text to get the best result I wanted
and came up with this design, Nice bold text to stand out.
I wanted to design a t-shirt , cause I always have fun creating them.

Add caption

I created a one of a kind t-shirt for you all to see , I wanted a message to go out that popularity isn't everything, we just need to all get along and work together with each other.

 Have a good week!!

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Monday, 27 February 2012

Wonderful Day !!

Hello everyone,
For this weeks blog, I would like to start off by saying, Im happy to have finally finished my"International Women's Day poster. Now its time to make some votes, If you have Facebook click the link below,


Vote for my painting if you like it! just hit like ♥ Thanks :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

International Women's Day !!

 Hello Everyone , I think im finally finished my " International Women's Day poster, it didn't take an hour to do ,  thats for sure :p :)

For My International Woman I decided to do Marilyn Monroe, she has always been my favourite person , her beauty and talents inspire me, She was the one you called perfect woman, she was herself, make up didn't matter to her.

However I did have a lot of fun designing and putting together this poster, I learned a lot of new ways to paint and draw my subject. Was very messy and had paint all over my arms but thats okay.

I started mine off with a little blue colour, and slowly started to fade my shades of blue, from dark to light or other way around. I had to play around with paint colours for her skin and hair till I got it the shades that I wanted, I tried my best to make her face look exactly like her and I think I accomplished that.  Do you Agree ?
Once I had finished painting, I was very pleased with the way it turned out , I can't wait to show my poster off to everyone, It turned out the way I planned it  !!

For my final digital photo I wanted to go for a more darker shade like old pictures, from black to white. It reminds me of old in days walking down the road and seeing movie posters, I moved my text around, it seemed to small. I wanted Marilyn to be the center of attention , her beauty and her charm she has on everyone. I had to brighten her skin to make it look for neutral.

I Am so happy with my design :)
Hope you all like it!! Have a wonderful Happy Family Day !!!

I learned to never start off with a white canvas, always have a colour because its not a photograph its a painting , doesn't always have to be the way it seems !!

Monday, 13 February 2012


STEP By STEP  For My Final Design.
The First image shows that I created the Hand and the knife, and the window I played around  with the gradient tool to get that refection at night. For my second design I created the blood on the window and the blood on the knife to look realistic. The font "can't live with out" says it all , I'm pretty sure everyone loves watching action, or horror movies and they all have suspense in it. In our everyday life we deal with suspense or on the news we see suspense.                                        

My final design I decided to create a book , I love front covers of books ,some are romance, some are action, some are horror, etc.
When I'm looking at books the cover and the back have to interesting for me before I read on :)

Suspense Books to knock you off your socks :)

Have a wonderful happy VALENTINES DAY !!!

Can't live without Suspense !!

Hello everyone,
The word of the week is " Suspense "


   Above image is a rough copy of my design.

Here are few images that inspired me to create my Illustration Friday, The artist is James R. Bingham. We all know we cant live without suspense in our life. It all comes from our horror/action movies or even in our everyday life we see it going to school , or at our work place environment. The first and last image have a wonderful color scheme, the way the colors blend together and even though you either can't see the persons face the shadow shows the suspense in the movie or poster.

Check Back soon to see results :) 

Word Of the week Forward

Good Afternoon Bloggers, I know I haven't posted any of my designs in a while, have just been very busy, but don't worry, I'm gonna make sure that there's a design of the week , every week on my blog so make sure you check back in soon !! 

My Inspirational Photo came from seeing a commercial about the red cross, and it got me thinking so I did some searching and I thought of a great idea for my design :).

Above is my rough copy of my design. I want my design to leave a message to everyone to help others and donate blood today!!! You can save someones life even if your donating a little blood.

Hope you like my Design :) Have a wonderful DAY.
Check Back soon !!!