Friday, 6 April 2012

Word of week " Shades"

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, This weeks word is "Shades", the first thing that came to mind was sunglasses. Hopefully summer will come sooner and we wont have anymore of this on and off weather.

Sunglasses are important to everyone , we use them outside when its sunny of course :) , on the beach, on our way to work or school. There are many kinds of sunglasses you can buy these days, ones for females and ones for males.

I have been inspired by a photograph that helped me create my design, it was Illustrated by Milton Glaser in 1971.

I had taken a lot of shots , this one was my favourite the way the angle of all the building went together. Above is the original Image, that I have taken in toronto downtown.
My original image that I have edited in photoshop, I put a threshold on it to make it a darker effect. Also I have created three sunglasses in illustrator to go with my design.

My final design I have created on a post card. Its very fun and eye catching.
 I am very happy with what I have designed.

Thanks everyone for stoping by and checking out my site, Check back very soon I will be posting a lot more stuff.
Have a wonderful Weekend Happy Easter!!!!

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