Wednesday, 18 April 2012

New Mindsets Creation

Hello everyone, 

Hope everyone is having a great week. 

I have created some new designs for "New Mindset", like a business card, 
cover letter, and my story board. My colours work very well with my overall design. 

For my motion graphic for New Mindset is a gem.  
My storyboard shows how the website and graphic will play out. When you visit the website, the gem will appear as a whole gem, when you click on the gem with your mouse, another screen will appear with the gem pieces everywhere and a empty basket. If you click on the basket, the gems will automatically go inside the basket, if you click on the basket again it will show you the gems back together but this time the gems show many different options  and courses to build the program you want. Once you have clicked on the courses thats right for you, the courses will build to one big sold gem, which will again show you what you have chosen. 

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