Friday, 6 April 2012

"Field Trip Downtown Hamilton "

Hello everyone,

On March 27th /2012,

A beautiful afternoon for a field trip to downtown hamilton.

The first place we went to was to meet a couple of graphic designers, named
 Jeremy Freiburger and Steph Seagram , we learned a lot from being there, there website is: 

The second place we went to was called " Mixed Media , a wonderful place to get all your graphic or arts needs, from paints to books, to art work on the wall , it was a very warm and comfortable environment.

A group of us went further into downtown James st, went into stores such as art stores, and art galleries, and a shop that sells books and records. We asked questions like " How business was for them? ," How long they have been doing the career they choose", "How they got started".

We went into a gallery and spoke with a man named " David Brace", a very warm and welcoming person to meet with. He is the owner of the store front called" B Contemporary", fine Art and Custom Picture Framing.

We were glad that he took the time to answer all our questions. We asked him how he got into the business of art and he replied"that it was a natural step for him, ever since 1990 he has been working with art, he worked in a lot of galleries , he started at the age of 12.
It started to pursue when he was 14 -15 in high school, taking art classes, etc.

We asked him why he choose to have his business in hamilton, he relied with cause its were he grow up here in hamilton, it was the right place at the right time when he started the business.

Brace says the street is changing a lot these days. The most time hes usually busy is on fridays and weekends, the way he chooses  the art work that goes up, well he has artists that have long term relationships with him that go back 20 years. Most of those art works go on display as well as new artistis wanting to show there art to the world.

People will email him a lot wanting to show case there art work, if he likes the person, and hits it off then they come look at the studio and book shows and dates. Now with everything changing in a new way, he said that photoshop is used a lot these days.

On a average painting depend on the artist , can average from 3000$, to 4500$.

The Last place we went to was called " Books & Beats. 
If your looking for New and used books and Vinyl Records, Here is the place to go. The owner was great help to us answering questions and letting us walk around his store. Before I left I had to buy a book from there, It was documentary stories about Marilyn Monroe. 

Hope you all enjoyed your visit on my blog , come back again soon!!!

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